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  • 15th May 2011- TREZZO D’ADDA /A new Longobard settlement brought to light (23/06/2011)

    The medieval village Vicus Sallianense has been unearthed in a maize field near the new toll gate in Trezzo by the volunteers of the local Pro Loco (local tourist office) while they were looking for the traces of the Church of St. Michael, mentioned in 9th and 16th century documents and whose remains were tore down at the time of St. Charles Borromeo. Thanks to five excavation campaigns, coordinated by Ms Silvia Lusuardi Siena, a professor at the Catholic University in Milan, besides the church of St. Michael, another church, a stratified necropolis (with 550 burials), the remains of a village and of a road were dug up. Among the last finds classified there is a coin of the Longobard king Perctarict (end of the 6th century).