Heritage properties:

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System Network

Purposes of the Association

  • Promotion of the nomination to UNESCO
  • Coordination of Members and stakeholders for interventions on the “network”
  • Promotion of the Longobard culture
  • Development of the institutional strategies of the “network”
  • Approval of the annual programmes of the “network”
  • Economic and promotional agreements of the “network”

Tasks of the Technical-Scientific Coordinator

  • Coordination of the technical-scientific contributions to the activities of the “network” concerning the Knowledge, Safeguard, Protection and Enhancement of the properties of the Heritage
  • Supervision and coordination of the scientific activities and publications of the “network”
  • Coordination of technical-scientific working groups
  • Supervision of the scientific information of the “network”
  • Supervision of the proposals of cultural initiatives developed by third parties
  • Supervision and scientific coordination for the definition of the “Longobard Itineraries”
  • Development and coordination of international scientific relations

Tasks of the Coordinator for the Socio-Economic Development

  • Coordination of the territorial “networks” in a “national network”
  • Coordination of the actions of enhancement of the endogenous resources of each Territory of the “network”
  • Coordination of the information tools of the “network” (application of Information and Communication Technologies)
  • Creation and operational coordination of the national and international “Longobard Itineraries”
  • Development of international relations
  • Coordination of tourist-economic informative promotion
  • Organization and development of “network” exchanges (agro-productions, wine and food products and handicrafts)