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Awareness and Promotion

Awareness of people living in the areas included in the Site on the values of the Longobard Heritage and at universally disseminating these values in each possible way: from training to information; from adequate documentation, to the study and implementation of advanced technological solutions in order to enhance communication; from network initiatives to initiatives launched by single partners of the Site and reference micro-territories.

The three pillars of the Awareness Building and Promotion Plan, along with the strengthening of technological systems, are the following:

  • Training – comprising interaction with education institutions (from primary schools to universities) and social systems (employers and employees, pensioners, the elderly, people with special needs); the creation of specialized didactic Laboratories; the retraining of human resources that operate at any level on the properties (from curators, historians to tourist guides, etc.), both those operating in the sectors indirectly linked to the property and those linked to accommodation and services systems.
  • Information – comprising both – direct and indirect – production of publishing and multimedia material (guides, brochures, maps, boards, documentaries, etc.) which help to promote and disseminate information on the products and the reference Territories, and the strengthening of network communication technological systems, like websites, the network’s connected database, specialized software, and the targeted strengthening of relations with media, with house-organs and with other information centres.  
  • Events – comprising a wide range of activities: exhibitions, conferences, seminars on the Property; participation in great events (specialized culture and tourism fairs), national and international initiatives; cultural and economic initiatives, promotion of the endogenous resources of the area, etc.

Main objectives for the network activity are:

  • Strengthening the interaction with the education community
  • Strengthening the interaction with social systems
  • Retraining and updating of tour-operators
  • Strengthening of technological systems for the awareness building and promotion of heritage
  • Construction and consolidation of the European geo-cultural corridor
  • Strengthening of information promotional initiatives and major events

Main objectives for the single locations of the network are:

CIVIDALE DEL FRIULI and its Territory

The activities linked to promotion and awareness of the population regarding cultural assets in general have always been very intense and of a Higher level also due to the presence of numerous cultural associations in the city and territory.
Recently there was the development of some specific initiatives concerning Longobard heritage and for which optimisation is in progressed or already planned.


BRESCIA and its Territory

The site of S. Salvatore – S. Giulia has been the focus of growing attention through the realization of various activities, advertised with special illustrated brochures and with printed material on the museum and the Monastery. The site is appropriately marked by a system of road signs, which also indicates walking itineraries for visitors. Such signs can be found at the train station and on main roads of access to the city. The site is also indicated among the main tourist attractions on the sign that welcomes travelers approaching the city over the Highway exit “Brescia Centro.” More signs and totem poles advertising the Site are present in the area in front of the Museum and disseminated in various parts of the city.


CASTELSEPRIO-TORBA and its Territory

The promotion of awareness and promotion about the complex of Castelseprio-Torba, both at national and international level, will be enhanced by publishing products in various languages (general and/ or thematic didactic and scientific material, brochures, guidebooks) and also through the website.
As to events, exhibitions, conferences and study days in cooperation with qualified universities and cultural institutions, also foreign, operating in the area will be organized. Moreover, the complex will participate in all cultural initiatives promoted by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities at national and European level (Culture Weeks, European Heritage Days). Following successful past initiatives, guided tours also linked to music, theatre and poetry events, will be organized upon special occasions during the year. In cooperation with other local bodies, the complex will also participate in specialized culture and tourism fairs (BIT, Mediterranean Exchange for Archaeological Tourism, etc.).
In order to establish a constant connection with local people, cooperation with local schools of any kind and level – already successfully launched in the past – will be strengthen so as to create new education opportunities at different levels, involving both students and teachers and to experiment new forms of communication for the properties.



The effective promotion of Longobard testimonials in the Territory of Spoleto and Campello sul Clitunno, obviously with particular reference to the Basilica of San Salvatore and the Clitunno Tempietto, will be realised through educationals purposefully dedicated to tour operators and journalists active in the sector of cultural assets and tourism.
The city of Spoleto will, moreover, be a carrier of the applications o f promotion of the territory where it will participate both individually and in collaboration with the Agency for the Promotion of Tourism of Umbria and Tourist Fairs such as BIT of Milan, TTI of Rimini, the World Trade Market of London, the Salon des Vacances of Paris and Brussels and the Fitur of Madrid.
Specific actions of promotion are foreseen for this year and will be repeated in 2009, on the market of the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


BENEVENTO and its Territory

The main objectives of promoting and awareness building in relation to the Longobard heritage are:

  • Increasing awarness about archaeology and local heritage in general.
  • Improving cultural promotion on the site
  • Increasing sensitivity among children of school-going age.

The actions included in the local projects are broken down in terms of location and involve:

  • Network conventions and a website to create an “Italia Langobardorum” network by presenting an overall picture that is as complete as possible of the cultural, touristic, and recreational attractions of the Longobard heritage protected by UNESCO in general.
  • An exhibition of images and documents of the Duchy of Benevento and an exhibition of Longobard crosses, are two items in the project: “Langobardia Minor: Images and documents from the Duchy of Benevento”.
  • Research and school teaching and an exhibition of comic strips about Longobard Benevento to create a network for the study of the Longobard heritage including the artistic – cultural history of a city using forms of telling the story other than canons, such as for example, comic strip accounts, which offers the possibility of easily reaching the school-going age group.
  • The implementation of a computerised tourist system added to by the creation of an Urban Archaeological Park for Benevento by means of virtual networks serving the tourist service that uses innovative technologies for passing information on to the user on site.
  • The creation and activation of a vocal information portal as part of a virtual cultural infrastructure system.
  • A multi-modal information centre and a network of information points in a material cultural infrastructure system.
  • Laying out itineraries for creating the “Via Sacra Langobardorum” archaeological park.

MONTE SANT’ANGELO and its Territory

The presence of a complex system of promotion activities for the artistic monumental and landscape environmental heritage in Monte Sant’Angelo e its Territory is strictly linked to a more general enhancement policy which concerns the whole Region Puglia. The Municipalities, Provinces, Region and cultural institutions are all involved in projects – at a different level – whose main objective is to promote this heritage, considered a precious resource to be protected. The objectives of the Plan are therefore to enhance didactic activities, already existing at various levels, which promote the awarness of the site and its Territory.

Moreover, the interaction among universities, Superintendences, Companies and other institutions can enhance the correct management of the heritage by involving suitable professionals, able to combine interdisciplinary competences for the dissemination of knowledge and awareness.