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  • 20th September 2010 / Longobard Necropolis in Forni di Sopra (Carnia/Friuli Venezia Giulia). (21/09/2010)

    The presence of Longobard burials has been confirmed by the campaign of archaeological excavations carried out between the localities of Forni di Sopra and Forni di Sotto (Carnia) by architect Fabio Piuzzi and his staff. The localities involved are more precisely “Cuol di Cjestjel” and “Pradigot” located in Andrazza. The tombs recently found are 12, however in the area there should be at least 25. The remaining ones were identified in previous archaeological campaigns. The funeral furnishings recuperated are interesting: fibulas, bracelets, rings, other ornaments and small cutting objects. Occasional findings on the site had been already reported at the end of 1800. During the excavation works the entrance of the fortalice of “Cuol di Cjestjel”, dating back to 4th-5th century A.D. and the basements of the eastern tower of a fortification that was used up to the 13th century have been identified.